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Women Against Crime FAQ

Q – What do the Women Against Crime© trainings involve?

A – WAC trainings have classroom and hands-on self-defense sessions. During classroom portions, you’ll learn awareness techniques and roll-play scenarios. During the practical portion of the class, be prepared to fight! By striking a dummy or live sparing partners, you’ll learn hold-escape techniques and strikes, including eye jabs, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and palm heel strikes.


Q – When are Women Against Crime© trainings held?

A – WAC trainings are offered periodically throughout the year. Find the dates for the next training here.


Q – How many people are in Women Against Crime© trainings?

A – Typically, 50 to 70 women take WAC trainings at a time.


Q – What if I’m nervous?

Feeling nervous is entirely normal. In WAC trainings, you’ll confront frightening, life-like situations. But remember: Through supportive instruction, you’ll emerge from the training confident and prepared.

WAC is a must for all women interested in becoming informed about protecting themselves in this crazy world. I have taken Trish’s incredible class several times and learned something important each time. Be empowered by the best!!
-Marianne Kelly