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Types of Classes

Women Against Crime©’s flagship training is a multi-day course that teaches you how to predict, identify, prevent, and fight-back against a violence. This course deals with awareness, safety tips, self-defense, and women coming together to learn to protect themselves.

Through lectures, scenarios, and practical lessons, you’ll know how to:

  • Prevent and respond to rape, domestic-violence, assault, and stalking
  • Avoid and respond to robbery and burglary
  • Be aware of weapons
  • Use hands-on self defense
  • What to do when you are victimized

This training goes beyond the standard list of do’s and do not’s. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to dynamically assess a situation and taken action against harm. After the class, you’ll be able to recall easily the strategies and techniques—especially when you need them most.
The course is offered several times a year.

Next Personal Safety Training Class is February 24, 2018, Register Now!!


Personal Safety Training Class March 17, 2018, Register Now!!


Taking this class was important for me as a woman and essential for my teenage daughter’s education. We learned preventative safety measures and what to do to get out of dangerous situations. This class is a must for all women, all ages, and is appropriate to take every year as a refresher course. Trish is an excellent instructor using enthusiasm, and in depth knowledge about women and crime.
Dinah Periotti, Albuquerque Mom and Teacher

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Guest Speaking

With more than 20 years of experience in the police force, Sergeant Trish Hoffman has seen it all. Hoffman is a dynamic speaker who blends personal and professional experiences. . .

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Corporate Training

Prepare your employees with a presentation from seasoned police sergeant Trish Hoffman. Using lecture, roll play, and practical application, Hoffman will guide employees through. . .