About Women Against Crime

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You face potential threats every day. With Women Against Crime©, you’ll be ready.

Women Against Crime© (WAC) teaches awareness and self-defense to Albuquerque citizens, mostly women. Founded in 2001 by Albuquerque Police Department Retired Lieutenant Trish Hoffman, WAC offers public workshops, speeches and corporate training that educate and empower women. Hoffman, the primary instructor, shares practical safety information, easy-to-remember tips, realistic scenarios, and hands-on self-defense to prepare women for violent attacks, from robbery to assault.


Founder Story – Trish Hoffman

women against crime founder trish hoffman pictureVeteran Albuquerque Police Department Retired Lieutenant Trish Hoffman brings both her personal and professional background to Women Against Crime©.

Many Women Against Crime students have dealt with stalking or another type of violent assault. Hoffman was no different. More than 23 years ago, while living in Arizona, an ex-boyfriend stalked her for a year-and-a-half. She filed numerous police reports and restraining orders, and relocated to different homes three times, but her stalker persisted. After he threatened to kill her and himself, she packed her car and fled to Albuquerque, where she now lives.

Soon, she found a new way to channel her fear. She joined APD in 1995. “Graduating the police academy, I was in a position to control how things were going to go for myself. I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore,” she says. In her 23-year career, she spent a decade on patrol, served as Public Information Officer, and worked in Internal Affairs. Her final assignment encompassed overseeing the Aviation division, including K9/Patrol as a Lieutenant.

Her life and career took another turn in 2001, while she was on light duty after appendix surgery. She was logging hours retooling Police Academy lesson plans when a captain suggested she start a program for women. She founded Women Against Crime© with the goal of educating and empowering women to protect themselves.

Since founding WAC, she has used her professional expertise and personal experience to train women to defend themselves—all in her spare time. She believes strongly in WAC’s mission and has often paid for training materials and supplies out of her own pocket to keep her mission alive.

The WAC class definitely increased my confidence in how to handle different situations, if necessary. Even better, was seeing the same changes in the other women in class.
-Lori Floyd